Where do you stay when you go to the Northeast? How do you know about hotels in each state? Most importantly, how do you select your hotel? Northeast Odyssey is a one-stop destination to help you discover the many beautiful resorts and homestays that are tucked away from the public glare, and help you select the right one for you. Founded in 2010, Northeast Odyssey aims to unravel the hidden beauty of Northeast India and thus, put the region on the itinerant traveller's map.

Northeast odyssey is an exclusive platform to showcase hotels/resorts and homestays from Northeast India to the rest of the country and the world beyond. It offers prospective travellers/tour operators/destination managers and anyone with an inclination to know more about the region, with information about these discerningly-selected resorts, their distinct features, tariffs, amenities and special offers. All the resorts listed in the site are tried and tested by our team/jury members who have visited each of them. The resorts have been carefully selected for different reasons like picturesque location, authentic local cuisine, informal style and ambience, among others