Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh

Tucked away in the remotest tip of northeast India is the enticingly beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh. Literally meaning ‘land of the dawn lit mountains’ in Sanskrit, Arunachal with its captivating snow-capped peaks, silver lakes, gushing rivers, verdant landscapes and glorious heritage has become a prime destination for both Indian and international tourists. Bollywood too was spellbound by the beauty of the place and shot.

Madhuri Dixit-starrer film Koyla in the breathtaking Tawang district.

In fact, it was in Tawang that the fifth Dalai Lama, Mera Lama, saw his vision to construct a monastery in 1681. It is said after praying for guidance, he found his horse standing quietly on a hilltop and took it as a divine sign. Hence the name Tawang, which means chosen by the horse.

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Awoo resort is perched right on the lush and grand Bushthang hills that run down the valley and stretches upto the unspoilt sands of Kameng River. It is this very location amidst the picturesque valley of Dirang in the West Kameng district that guests love about the resort. The traditional appeal and all the elements that come with it is, is a bonus. Built to showcase traditional grandeur, it is carefully designed to blend local extravagance with exotic local surroundings. The rooms are well- furnished and equipped with modern facilities,…
The Abor Country River Camp is an eco-lodge passionately put together by Abor Country Travels and Expeditions. Right from the location which is on the banks of the Siang River that flows quietly through Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh, and in the middle of the tropical forest; this is a retreat into the lap of nature. It stays true to the ethos of ecology and does not depend too much on artificial resources. For instance, it draws its water supply from a natural spring with fresh water and gets its electricity…
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