Niathu Resort

Although not very expansive, the Niathu Resort is a beautiful place to stay in whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. They have beautiful little bungalows that are outfitted with excellent amenities and guests have a choice between choosing the entire bungalow or just the room on a single floor. While there aren’t too many activities to do in or around the resort, do use this opportunity to take a dip in their lovely swimming pool, have an early breakfast with the rising sun at your back or even kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet here.

Room Tip

The middle rooms have more access to the room service staff and thus, have better service.

The upper rooms have a better layout and view than the ones on the ground floor. As do the ones facing the swimming pool.


Their restaurant offers a wide variety of the local as well as other mixed cuisines. The Bamboo Pavilion is a great place for an early breakfast with the rising sun. Please do remember to be a little patient with the service speed and don’t miss digging in here!


7th Mile, Chumukedima, Dimapur, Nagaland 797115


  • Mobile: +91-03862-241-489