Ginger Hotel

A well-known name in budget lodgings, the Ginger Hotel chain stretches across the country and has hosted hundreds of travelers so far. In Agartala, this hotel is located quite close to the airport and bus station, making it a first choice for business travelers. In addition, the area around the hotel is quite peaceful and pleasing to the eyes. If you are looking for a quiet place to get some work done or to just unwind, this is definitely where you want to be.
Each room is done up sensibly and maintained well by housekeeping. They are equally efficient when it comes to whipping up some good food and directing you around the city. Armed with a city map, you can very easily get hole of some public transport and make your way around to the nearby tourist attractions:

Government Museum, Ujjayanta Palace: This royal house, which stands in the Capital city Agartala, was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya during 1899-1901. It is a two storied mansion with mixed architecture. It is topped by three high domes, the central one being 86’ high. The magnificent tile floor curved wooden ceiling and beautifully crafted doors are particularly notable. The palace is set with huge Mughal style gardens and beautified by pools, gardens, and fountains.

Rose Valley Park: An amusement park that guarantees several hours of fun for adults and kids alike. Replete with water rides, wave pools and food stalls, you can be rest assured, you’d come back wanting for more.

Heritage Park: The Heritage Park spread over twelve acres of land and can be seen on the northern side of Raj Bhawan on the Agartala-GBP Hospital road. This park was inaugurated on the 30th November 2012 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura. The entrance to the park has a massive gate that draws inspiration from the rich mixed cultural heritage of Tripura, both tribal and non-tribal. The park has three parts, the mini-Tripura located in about three acres of land at the entrance of the gate, the central area that is a natural forest, and a plain table land with medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs. There is a walking track of 1.1 kilometer running along the periphery of the park.

Rabindra Kanan: Nestled south of Raj Bhawan, the sprawling ‘Rabindra Kanan’ is a park lush with greenery and flowers. A ‘Puppet House’ hosts puppet shows that are relished by adults and children alike. The delicious food served by the Assam Rifles canteen is a huge plus to all the visitors.

Nehru Park: Until a few years ago, the reddish glow of the toxic top-soil on the bare strip of land in Gorkha Basti area would hurt the eyes.
When the state government was looking to shift a part of its administrative setup out of the heart of the town, all eyes turned towards the Gorkha Basti. The idea of building a park took seed and the responsibility was given to the authority of the forest department. The result is today’s Nehru Park in front of ‘Aranya Bhawan’, headquarters of the forest department. It had taken lot of efforts and expenses to process the soil and prepare it for the varied floral plants, with spaces for seating in the emerging green cover. The Park, inaugurated in the year 2003, is now a happy hub of people of all ages wanting to get away from their ‘city life’.

Durgabari Tea Garden: Thanks to its warm climes and rich soil, Tripura has a history of putting out some fantastic teas. In fact, Tripura is the 5th largest producer of tea in the entire country, known for its organic way of farming and harvesting. Visit the Durgabari Tea Garden for a peek into this industry.


  • Khejur Bagan, Airport Road, Opposite Industrial Office, Agartala, Tripura 799006
  • By air: Agartala airport (7.2 km)
  • By train: Railway station (12 km)
  • By bus: Bus station (4 km)


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